The Girls of Loveknot . . .

GC Loveknot's Pinky Promise

Blue-cream Exotic Shorthair CPC
Sire:  Gargamelcat Zio of Loveknot
Dam:  GC Loveknot's Straw Hat
DOB 04/13/21

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Pinky is one of our favorite girls!  She blesses us with her eternally young spirit and zest for life.  We're also proud of her accomplishment as a Grand Champion in CFA, following in the footsteps of her mother, GC Loveknot's Straw Hat, and Grandmother GC, RW Karabel Cinnamon Swirls of Loveknot.  We're very excited to see the beautiful traits Pinky will bring to the next generation!

CH Loveknot's Dance 'Til Dawn

Cream Lynx Point Exotic Shorthair
Sire:  GC, RW Devanchire My Desire of Karabel
Dam:  CH Loveknot's Dance For Joy
DOB 03/20/2019

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Dawn is a lovely and gentle girl.  We love her short and box-like body, lovely boning and pale cream lynx points with no hint of shading in the body — giving her a very feminine and delicate look.  We're looking forward to Dawn passing her unique refinement to the next generation.


CH Loveknot's Ballet Rose

Blue-Cream Point Exotic Longhair
Sire: GC, RW Karabel Dancing With The Stars
Dam: GC Karabel's Eclair of Loveknot
DOB 06/07/2019

Multiple Best Kitten Winner

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Rose is a delight! As the baby sister of GC, RW Loveknot's Top Hat & Tails and GP, RW Loveknot's Rose Petals, Rose demonstrates that lightning can strike twice!! Rose has a marvelous head, tiny ears set low, an outstandingly short body and sapphire-blue eyes that will literally take your breath away!  We are thankful to the judges that used Rose in their finals. She earned enough points to be , 18th Best Kitten in CFA Midwest Region 6, but aged out before being shown within our region, so couldn't be awarded the formal title. We are very pleased with Rose's accomplishments thus far and are looking to the new season with the hope of completing her Grand title!  


CH, GP, RW Loveknot's Rose Petals

14th Best Allbreed Kitten, CFA Midwest Region 6, 2018-19
3rd Best LH Exotic Kitten, CFA Region 1-9, 2018-19

Tortiepoint Exotic Female

Born 5/19/2018

Sire: GC, RW Karabel Dancing With The Stars of Loveknot
Dam: GC Karabel’s Éclair of Loveknot

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Petals is pure joy!  She lives life with a carefree effervescence that is positively lovely.  Her amazing sapphire blue eyes are rare and unforgettable. We hope to see her beautiful traits in the faces of generations to come. Petals earned her Grand Premier title in the 2019-20 show season.



GC, RW Loveknot's Stars In Her Eyes

Tortie Point Exotic Female

Born 7/13/2017

Sire: GC, RW Karabel Dancing With The Stars

Dam: CH Ivy Cat Miss Manners of Loveknot

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Now Retired

Star achieved 11th Best Kitten in the Midwest Region for the show season 2017-18, and earned her Grand Championship title in two shows.  Star was a pure pleasure to show!  Her sweet, gentle expression along with her very cobby body and heavy boning made her a real favorite of ours and many of the judges who handled her.


GC Loveknot's Straw Hat   

Tortie Lynx Point Exotic Shorthair
Sire: GC, RW Karabel Dancing With The Stars   
Dam: GC, RW Karabel Cinnamon Swirls of Loveknot
DOB 06/06/2019

2-Show Grand

Now Retired & Adopted

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Hattie embodies everything that we love — a sweet and energetic personality with large, round eyes that melt your heart.  We love her ultra short body — very low on her legs with heavy boning.  "Miss Hats" brings an excitement to our breeding program that has  us looking to the future with great anticipation!



CH Ivy Cat Miss Manners of Loveknot

Black Exotic Shorthair Female
Born. 05/07/2016
Sire:  GC, BW, NW Ivy Cat Black Ice of Purr Elli
Dam:  GC Ivy Cat Star Gazer
Breeders:  Pam & Rick DeGolyer

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Missy has been DNA tested. She is a CPC carrying dilute.


"Missy" is our sweetheart whose been full of surprises!  We love her for her gentle, inquisitive personality, lovely coat and outstanding pedigree.  Missy's sire is GC, BW, NW Ivy Cat Black Ice of Purrelli.  The fact that she carries the color point gene is just icing on the cake!  Please enjoy the photos of her first litter with DW — all points — and mommy couldn't be more proud!



GC Karabel’s Éclair of Loveknot    

Seal Point Exotic Shorthair Female
Born 02/20/17

Sire:  Karabel's Dynamo
Dam:  Karabel's Lady Soul
Breeder:  Christine Arnold

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Eclair is a sweet and energetic kitten — always interested in anything that's happening around her, but ready to cuddle at a moment's notice.  She has large eyes, wonderful proportion to her body and her point color and coat quality are outstanding!  We're very excited about the attributes that she will bring to our breeding program. 



GC, RW Karabel Cinnamon Swirls of Loveknot

CFA's Midwest Region 25th Best Cat in Championship 2017-2018

Brown Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic
D.O.B.  04/18/2017
Sire:  GC Parti Wai Ex Box Car Willie
Dam:  GC, RW Karabel Pucker Up Buttercup
Breeder:  Christine Arnold

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In the 2017-18 show season Swirls earned her Grand Champion title and became a Regional Winner.

We are very blessed that Cinnamon Swirls made her home with us!  As grand daughter of CFA's Cat of the Year 2012/13, GC BW NW Parti Wai Ex Jackpot, Swirls offers a tremendous pedigree, fantastic coat and lovely features in a short, short, short package!  We love her adorable look and equally wonderful personality!  Thank you Christine Arnold of Karabel for sharing your beautiful lines and this special girl with us!

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